Alright, so today's post is not going to be too long. This post is going to talk about the pros of learning a hobby and the cons of leaving it. It's been around two weeks that I have not written anything like I used to. I mean, i just wrote the weekly question post and nothing else. Also I wrote TEENTAAL IN KATHAK PART 3. In case you missed it, don't worry, just type down the name of any post you missed in the search box and you'll find it easily. So now without wasting much time, let's get on to the post.

So as the title says, pros and cons-trying a hobby and ......
leaving it. And the heading says, Dancing cost nothing. And this is what I'll be discussing about today!
 Suppose You love painting or maybe singing or maybe even dancing like me. What did it cost you to learn it or maybe try it. Well nothing! To do anything you only need hope. If your first ever drawing was not as good as you expected it to, then your second painting will be better. To learn anything, all you need is practice, time and respect for the work. Now, to dance, what did it take me? Nothing! I just wanted to dance like other people,I tried it,I could do it. I practised it for months and years and then finally, it became my passion. Now, maybe some of you don't have any hobby! However, you have interest in collecting different things and other stuff, so that's good! Now without eating your head with anymore of my stupid points, let's get movin' to the pros of learning a hobby or starting something new and the cons of leaving the same.


1.It's free, free,FREE!!! It costs you nothing, no money. Just some time, respect and interest. And this you will automatically have you really like some work.

2. You have an extra talent. You get better in the co-circular activities in your college and school. This earns you better marks. Also, your relatives and friends say,"Oh! So you dance. That's awesome." Appreciation from every where.

3.You are the star at any cultural function. If you can sing or dance, then you'll be a special part of any function. You can sing or dance in the function and make every one know you better.


1."You're so damn boring",this is what your friends will say. You will have nothing to do, when you are bored. You'll just be a NERD .......

2.You'll be the"So shy" at parties and function. You will say"No, no. Not me" when you are at parties.That's because, you don't know any thing. Again, even if you are smart, handsome and cool, you'll be called the couch potato.

3. No profit. If you don't know, then you should. If you learn painting, singing or any other such activity where you can give examinations and get certificates then these certificates will help you in future to get a job! However, you won't get such an opportunity if you don't learn any thing.

So that's it. END OF THE POST. Finally!!!!!!!
If you disagree with any 
of my points, then let me know. Also let me know if you know any such pros and cons , through the comments column. Share this post via, Google+, Facebook etc and etc. I am waiting for your replies.


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