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Anupriya Kumari

Hello everyone. So as you can find clearly from my blog,I am Anupriya Kumari, the young author of " Everything about dance with Anu". Yes,anu is my Nick name. Now, if I have to give a detailed information about me, then Here it goes.

I am a women,ok that's very clear. I am a daughter, sister, grand child,a best friend, teacher to my self,a perfectionist,a blogger,a dancer,a student, Sagittarius(ok that was not required),a niece and lot more. Now to be honest, I am not a twenty year old or more than that. I was born on 6th of December in India, of course, in the year 2002. So that's not really old. I am a teenager, basically.
Now moving on to my basic story on life which has nothing much to say, here's how this goes. When I was 3 months old baby,we came to Kolkata. I grew here and I am still growing. I went to school, where I still go,I made friends, who are still with me,I started dancing and I still do. When I was 5 years old,I started feeling attracted towards dancing, that I saw on television and movies. At some point, dancing fascinated me so much, that I joined a Kathak dance class. After two years of learning in the dance school,I left it. My mother came to know about a teacher who is a Kathak expert and asked her to train me. My lovely teacher still teaches me and will forever. As time passed,I gave examinations for Kathak, performed on stage, tried out various other kinds of dance forms and continued the same thing. Now that's it. Because I am not so old to give you my biography, that's it. I have a lot more time left to live and see life.
Coming on to, how I created this blog has a different story. Look,I don't want to hide anything, so I'll tell the truth. In December 2015,I asked my bro, to make me a website where I can post all my crafty diys . At that time,I had no craze about making a dance blog. My bro suggested me to make a blog and so did I. I posted and posted, but got no views out followers. So in grief I deleted that blog. After a few months, on 6th of august 2016,I created this blog. I made many changes, wrote a few posts and customised many things. After a week,I started getting some views and so I decided to join a blogging community. At first,I joined Indiblogger. This literally brought so many readers. After this I joined Blog adda, this however didn't make me popular. Lastly,I joined Reddit. All these platforms gave me confidence and support to continue blogging. This was what made me blog and get addicted to it. But, this didn't affect my studies.
And thus I kept blogging, am blogging and will always be blogging. And, so, guys, this the end of my intro. Now that you know all about me, come and know all about my blog too. Explore this blog and hopefully you will find something interesting.
P.S. This same thing is on my"all about me"page as well.