The role of expressions in dance!


Why do we dance? There are many reasons on why do we dance. Some dance for their happiness, some dance for exercising, some dance for their passion while some dance for there hobby.
One of the reasons include, expressing. Yes, we dance to express our feeling and thoughts through the movement of our body and facial expressions. Without facial expression it would have been almost impossible to clearly show our feelings. Imagine a dancer dancing on a sad song with no expression on the face. It would look a lot less enjoyable performance. We enjoy a performance only when there is a proper connection of steps with the song, expression is as it has to be according to the feelings of the song and the arrangement of the stage and dresses match the circumstances. Without facial expressions, the world of dancing and drama would have been a lot less popular. Don't you agree. thus we conclude that without expressions dancing is incomplete. Let it be any form of dance, expression plays an extremely important role. But where does this expression come from? How can we show facial expressions?

Well all these questions can be answered. have close look at this video:
What did you just see. This was a Kathakali dancer representing his facial expressions. There was so much depth in his expressions. All this expression comes from your heart. To express you feelings you dont need to learn the line or practice. Do you? No,all you need is feel. Feel the situation and automatically your face starts changing the expression. Dancers feel the depth of the song, what is that this song tries to express? This type of a expression is required all the time in the world of dance and drama, but what about classical dances, where there are no songs,only bols? Well, classical dancers dont show much expression of the whole face but only of the eyes. Have a look at this Bharatnatyam dancer

The expressions here are so different from the expression of the contemporary dancers. This is because of the practice. Yes, for classical dances you need practice for expressions, although sometimes you dont. An expert wont require any practice but a beginner will. As a kid I was never able to show my expressions in front of the audience, on stage. But as I performed more in functions and competitions,i was no more scared. This I actually started expressing as I danced! So we can say that experience also matters a lot. And thus this shows how expression matters in dancing.
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