Today I will be specifically telling you guys how to tell a bol on hands in Kathak. This lesson is going to help you life long in the world of Kathak. Not just in teentaal but in all other taals, we perform each kind of bol on our hands which include thaat, salami, aamad, tukda ,toda etc. Telling a bol on your hands requires you to first
know all the basic definitions as well as understand what are these bols which we are performing. To understand everything much clearly click on these links and read the previous posts.

So now that you are aware of Taali, Khaali, Sam, goon, salami ,aamad and more such things, let's learn a basic bol that we can perform on our hands.

I will now be teaching you how to perform teentaal on your hands. The bol of teentaal goes like this-
Dha dhin dhin dha /   dha dhin dhin dha/
+                                  2
Na tin tin na /   tete dhin dhin dha
0                       3
As already mentioned in my previous posts:
+ ( first taali)
2 (second taali)
0 ( first khaali)
3 ( third taali)
+( som)
The symbols represent as mentioned above.
Saying teentaal on your hands is extremely easy but requires practice. Also saying the various goon (s) requires practice. However because you are aware of all the basics it's easy to learn.
Let's get started.....
Teentaal ( ekgoon) or Original bol
Note: say each syllable ( dha,dhin dhin...) As we perform the bol on hand
First step- Fix your left hand with palm facing the upwards. Only your right hand shall move throughout.

Second step- Begin with the first taali ( say Dha)
Third step- press your pen finger on you left palm ( say dhin). Repeat with your middle finger ( say dhin). Finish on the ring finger ( say dha). And with this you end the first vibhag ( 4 matra)
Fourth step- Begin the second taali and continue it just like the first one. ( dont forget to say each syllable)
Fifth step- Begin with the first khaali by pressing your right hands thumb towards the bottom of you right hands little finger.
Hope this pic helps.
Much same way press the thumb on the second line of the finger, then the third, and then the top. Here we end the third vibhag also.
Sixth step- Repeat the first, second and third step. ( note: the syllables that your say are different for the fourth vibhag thus say, accordingly)
Seventh step- end the bol with the som( clap once again)
And that's it.
In teentaal all bols are told like this, the only difference is that the words which we say are different. Sometimes this whole process of seven steps are repeated twice or thrice depending on the length of the bol. Don't get confused!!!! As this can be a little confusing. I will teach you everything slowly and nicely, but you need to practice. I will also show you how to say the bol of dogoon, teen goon and chaar goon on hands. For this you need to know the bol. It's not different. You need to repeat the bol for teentaal twice if you are saying do goon ( say two syllables in only one matra. For example: in the first clap ,say dha dhin together)

You need to repeat the whole bol of teentaal thrice if you are saying teen goon. ( say three syllables in only one matra. For example : say, dha dhin dhin together in the first clap.
Similarly for chaar gun say dha dhin dhin dha together in only one matra on the first clap.
As you practice, you will find its not too tough. To practice better you will need the correct material like the bols. In the next part I will be sharing the bols of the goon of teentaal, salami ,aamad and also tell you briefly about tukda and toda ( two different sets of bol in Kathak).
If you are a Kathak learner then try writing down the bol of dogoon , teen goon or chaar goon in teentaal and send me the bol on my email or type out down in the comments box. Let's see how well you can catch my lessons or in other words how well can I explain these lessons to you. Also if you could not understand something, let me know in the comments box. I will surely help you out.
Till then keep dancing and reading.
With love
Your friend Anupriya!!!!!

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