One evening a thought struck me. I tried to forget it but I kept thinking. Read this poem to find out my thoughts...

If I ever left dancing,
Then I would never ever find myself panting.
No Friday would my teacher come and teach me,
No day will I find myself on stage.

At least once in a month I attend a show,
Maybe in my dreams or maybe in my life.
But if I left dancing,
People won't let me dance and this would rise a strife.

I struggled and worked really hard,
To dance and be popular at school.
But if I left dancing,
Nobody could help me, not even a rule.

My friends will not be upset,
Not will be my foes.
But my teacher and family will be,
Cause this is not what they choose.

Of course the decision of leaving dancing,
Can never bring back that smile,
Which glowed up the pretty face of my mum,
And to see it was really worth while.

And once I leave dancing,
There's no way I can bring it back.
My life will become a showpiece,
All medals and trophies along with memories will be on the rack.

Oh my! Oh my!
Forget this thought of leaving dance.
I cannot survive the sorrow,
No, there's no chance.

But in this world if I ever do,
Forgive me my soul.
But how will you is what I think of,
As in the name of ever joy dancing plays it's role.

                                      -by Anupriya Kr.

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