Dressing style in dancing:


Generally when we watch a dance performance we are happy and satisfied with what the dancer wears and even appreciate her/him about their looks.
This is because no one makes the mistake of wearing a wrong dress, but the question arises, how does dress even matter while you dance? If it does, how can we choose the right dress?
Dressing style matters a lot when we dance because of two major reasons:

1. It adds a touch of beauty to your dance. 
Of course no one will like seeing a contemporary dance wearing the Bharatanatyam dress, because that would obviously look awkward. The dance performance won't look really enthusiastic or will it look graceful. Moreover the dresses for each dance form were decided long ago by there founders, shall I say.
However in some cases like hip hop,a variety of dresses can be worn. Anything that is loose, comfortable and good looking works well. This is not the same for classical dances.

2. The comfort of the dancer. Yet another thing that matters the most is the comfort of the dancers. In most classical dances, the dresses highly depend on the way the dance style had been designed.
For example, in Kathak we wear churidar and a frock suit. This is because the frock suit looks amazing when the dancer takes continuous turns. In Bharatnatyam, the dress is styled in such a way that the dancer feels extremely comfortable in sitting postures like this:

Now, how to choose the perfect dress? This question is invalid for classical dances. Any color, any pattern but the same style.

For western or Indo-classical we have a variety of options. For Indo-classical we can wear almost anything in the wardrobe that matches the theme of the song.
For contemporary, simple style is performed the most. Something that is of light color and light material is the best.

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