Beginning with teentaal: PART 1:

As mentioned previously...I am going tell you guys about many more things in Kathak but to start with we will need to know more and more about the basic things that every taal has...let it be teentaal or ektaal or jhaptaal....I am going to start with teentaal....so let's learn the common things about teentaal which is also called tritaal...

Performing teentaal on legs:
Performing any taal on legs is as easy as that of performing it on hands...especially teentaal...Just pick your leg up a bit and put it down making a patting kind of sound..the order is:

We start and end both at our right leg in every bol....this performance of taal on leg is called tatkar...it is performed in different speeds(low to high).

Gun:we generally write every bol's guns (sing. Gun) its not that gun which is a pistol or something....pronounce it as गुण in hindi....gun is divided in four divisions: ekgun is the simplest form of Bol or the real form of bol  , dogun is like saying two syllables in only one matra or simply told as saying the bol twice in only 16 matras,teengun is like saying the whole bol thrice in sixteen matras and chaargun is like saying the whole bol four times in sixteen matras......

Thaat: To begin a taal we need to first perform its thaat...thaat is nothing much but the bol of the taal which is repeated May be twice or thrice as a mark of starting a new bol .....thaat is performed in every taal....if you have read my previous posts then you May know the bol of teen taal.....here I show you bol again...

Dha dhin dhin na/ dha dhin dhin na
+                          2
Na tin tin Na     / tete dhin dhin dha
0                         3

If you guys viewed my post on definitions in Kathak then you would easily understand what are the +, 2,3 and 0 signs doing there..if you didn't view the post then pls view it soon because it is gonna help you a lot in learning teentaal.
In teental we repeat the complete 16 matra bol thrice and that's it....you did the thaat...but performing on the same bol which is repeated thrice requires you to first learn the steps.

After performing the thaat we perform the salami-

Salami: Salami is basically welcoming. this is what it means.it has different bols and steps however the main motto is to show that we are welcoming the audience.

Next we perform the Aamad,to be true its nothing much but a name given to another bol that we perform on ....this again has different bols and steps.

And that us pretty much the basics of teentaal. But there's a lot more to learn. I was planning to post the bols of  salami, aamad etc. But I planned not to do that because in different parts of India, different bols are taught and by different teachers. So even if I provide you guys with the bols, you might learn something different later on. However if you want I will for sure and very soon upload the bols as well as the clips of the steps I learnt on them. Till then keep dancing. Love you...

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