Are you guys familiar with this Hindi word Parichay. Yes this means acquaintance. It must be very clear from the heading that this post is all about getting acquainted. But with whom?
 Not a person but something related strongly with Kathak. Today is the day when I will be telling you guys about characteristics of TeenTaal. It is not hard to understand so lets quickly have a look at the bol of Teentaal. If have any confusions about the + sign and the numbers down there or want to know the definitions of the terms you might come across through the post go ahead and click on this link 

Now that you know the basics lets move on to the description of Teentaal.

Teentaal has 16 Matras.
It is 3 taali and 1 khali.
Taali: On the 3rd, 5th and 13th Matra.
Khaali: On the 9th Matra.
It has 4 vibhags.
Chanda: 4/4/4/4
It is Samapadi chanda.

And that is it with the Parichay of Teentaal. If you want to let others know about this the please share the post, also share your expressions and comments with me. Explore the you guys...

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